2022 Competition

The 2022 ABMC has concluded! Problems, solutions, and results are posted below. Results for the virtual competition can be found on the Virtual Competition page.

ABMC Speed Round 2022

ABMC Accuracy Round 2022

ABMC Team Round 2022

ABMC Solutions 2022

ABMC Photos 2022


RankNameTeamScaled Score# Solved
1William Huafishfishfish50.00023
2Adam GeDot Dot Dot45.73021
3Bryan LiRJ Grey JHS45.40421
4Jeffrey XuDot Dot Dot45.02421
5Evin Liangfishfishfish42.22420
6Selena GeDot Dot Dot40.34719
7Daniel CaiRJ Grey JHS38.33118
8Jared Mi19, and never learned how to read38.13918
9Hansen ShiehDot Dot Dot38.11618
10Christopher ChengClarke B38.03018
11Edwin ZhaoDiamondhead37.87618
12Raymond GaoRJ Grey JHS36.50417
13Sally WangClarke B35.82917
14Daniel WuIndividuals35.59717
15Danyang XuAleph Nought35.59217
16Jerry Xufishfishfish34.26016
17Nathan PeckChenery Middle School33.47116
18Sylvia LeeClarke B33.44216
19Andreas BaiThe Vectors33.42416
20Kushal GogadaMath Wizards31.48715


RankNameTeamScaled Score# Solved
1Selena GeDot Dot Dot50.0008
2Daniel CaiRJ Grey JHS49.9988
3Jeffrey XuDot Dot Dot49.9808
4Evin Liangfishfishfish49.9718
5Daniel WuIndividuals49.9548
6William Huafishfishfish49.9538
7Danyang XuAleph Nought49.9348
8Nikhil ByrapuramMath Wizards49.5787
9Bryan LiRJ Grey JHS43.7117
10Christopher ChengClarke B43.7077
11Raymond GaoRJ Grey JHS43.6647
12Hansen ShiehDot Dot Dot43.6467
13Sally WangClarke B43.6227
14Adam GeDot Dot Dot43.4707
15Noah Kim19, and never learned how to read43.4357
16Sylvia LeeClarke B43.4357
17Alan WangThe Vectors43.4077
18Eric XiangRJ Grey JHS43.3997
19Audrey TsaiThe Vectors43.3977
20Jared Mi19, and never learned how to read37.5696

Individuals – Scaled

RankNameTeamScaled Score
1William Huafishfishfish99.9535
2Jeffrey XuDot Dot Dot95.0041
3Evin Liangfishfishfish92.1953
4Selena GeDot Dot Dot90.3471
5Adam GeDot Dot Dot89.2007
6Bryan LiRJ Grey JHS89.1156
7Daniel CaiRJ Grey JHS88.3291
8Daniel WuIndividuals85.5516
9Danyang XuAleph Nought85.5261
10Hansen ShiehDot Dot Dot81.7623
11Christopher ChengClarke B81.7371
12Raymond GaoRJ Grey JHS80.1682
13Sally WangClarke B79.4508
14Nikhil ByrapuramMath Wizards79.1684
15Sylvia LeeClarke B76.8771
16Jared Mi19, and never learned how to read75.7084
17Alan WangThe Vectors74.8733
18Eric XiangRJ Grey JHS74.8657
19Audrey TsaiThe Vectors72.7963
20Jerry Xufishfishfish71.5441

Team Round – Unscaled

1Dot Dot Dot139
2Clarke B118
4RJ Grey JHS102
519, and never learned how to read90
5A bo’o o wa’er90
8Chenery Middle School78
9The Vectors76
10Individuals 475

Overall Team – Scaled

RankTeamScaled. Indiv. AggregateTotal Score
1Dot Dot Dot300.0000439.0000
3RJ Grey JHS281.3113383.3113
4Clarke B259.9649377.9649
519, and never learned how to read232.0890322.0890
6Math Wizards226.9860303.9860
8The Vectors217.9338293.9338
9Chenery Middle School201.3709279.3709
10A bo’o o wa’er169.9604259.9604

What was the 2022 ABMC Competition?

Who can compete?

Any student in grade 8 or below may compete as an individual or, if competing onsite, on a team. This includes elementary school students.

When will the competition be?

The 2022 ABMC Competition will be held on April 16, 2022. The competition schedule can be found in more detail below.

Where will the competition take place?

The onsite competition will be at the R.J. Grey Junior High School. The address is 16 Charter Rd, Acton, MA 01720.

Tentative Competition Schedule

Speed Round8:45-9:15
Accuracy Round9:35-10:15
Team Round10:35-11:35
Lunch and Puzzle Rounds11:35-1:15
Students competing online will only take the speed and accuracy rounds.

Onsite vs. Online Competition

Timing: The onsite and online competition will be held simultaneously.

Rounds: All rounds will be held onsite, but only speed and accuracy will be held for students competing online.

Registration: Both onsite and online require registration. Look at the top of this page for more information.

Cost: The onsite competition is $15 per person, whereas the online version is free.

Prizes: Onsite students will be awarded prizes according to the Rules page, but online students will NOT receive prices.

Recognition: Both online and onsite results will be posted on our website.

Social: Onsite students can socialize during breaks!!

For the competition rules and information about prizes, visit the Rules page.

If you have any questions, please email abmathcompetition@gmail.com