2023 Competition

The 2023 ABMC has concluded! Problems, solutions, and results are posted below. Results for the virtual competition can be found on the Virtual Competition page.

ABMC Speed Round 2023

ABMC Accuracy Round 2023

ABMC Team Round 2023

ABMC Solutions 2023

Speed Round

RankNameTeamScaled Score
1Selena GeJonas Clarke Middle School50.000
2Adam GeJonas Clarke Middle School49.274
3Eric ArchermanThe Pi-Rates41.165
4Chris ChengJonas Clarke Middle School39.384
5Alexander DuncanJonas Clarke Middle School Team B39.384
6Atticus OliverJonas Clarke Middle School Team B38.165
7Eddie ZhaoBeater Pi37.808
8Daniel WuLe math-ia de Winchester35.846
9David KimJonas Clarke Middle School Team B35.507
10Sylvia LeeJonas Clarke Middle School34.976
11Eric Lia bo’o o’ wa’er34.767
12Ray Cuiflying penguins35.550
13Aryan SahaIndividual34.444
14Oliver ZhangTeam Fessy34.391
15Tanish ParidaPi is Tasty34.383
16Luca PieleanuThe Pi-Rates32.343
17Nikhil ByrapuramPi is Tasty32.302
18Tyler ChoTeam Fessy32.257
19Alan WangThe Vector32.046
20Jerry LiuBeater Pi32.03

Accuracy Round

RankNameTeamScaled Score
1Nikhil ByrapuramPi is Tasty50.000
2Selena GeJonas Clarke Middle School43.887
3David KimJonas Clarke Middle School Team B43.848
4Brandon Nioopsilon36.837
5Sylvia LeeJonas Clarke Middle School31.012
6Alan WangThe Vector30.688
7Tyler ChoTeam Fessy30.684
8Chris ChengJonas Clarke Middle School30.677
9Kenneth SunPi Hard30.674
10Luca PieleanuThe Pi-Rates27.069
11Adam GeJonas Clarke Middle School26.045
12Shlok MukundIndividual25.855
13Aryan SahaIndividual25.694
14Vivek AdigaIndividual25.568
15Atticus OliverJonas Clarke Middle School Team B25.559
16Jerry LiuBeater Pi24.8494
17Ethan ZhouIndividual24.8491
18Danyang XuJonas Clarke Middle School Team B24.8488
19Alexander DuncanJonas Clarke Middle School Team B24.848
19Tanish ParidaPi is Tasty24.848

Individuals – Scaled

RankNameTeamScaled Score
1Selena GeJonas Clarke Middle School93.887
2Nikhil ByrapuramPi is Tasty82.302
3David KimJonas Clarke Middle School Team B79.354
4Adam GeJonas Clarke Middle School75.320
5Chris ChengJonas Clarke Middle School70.060
6Brandon Nioopsilon66.700
7Sylvia LeeJonas Clarke Middle School65.987
8Alexander DuncanJonas Clarke Middle School Team B64.232
9Atticus OliverJonas Clarke Middle School Team B63.723
10Tyler ChoTeam Fessy62.941
11Alan WangThe Vector62.734
12Kenneth SunPi Hard60.676
13Aryan SahaIndividual60.138
14Luca PieleanuThe Pi-Rates59.411
15Tanish ParidaPi is Tasty59.231
16Eddie ZhaoBeater Pi57.677
17Jerry LiuBeater Pi56.879
18Daniel WuLe math-ia de Winchester56.831
19Benjamin Lia bo’o o’ wa’er56.819
20Eric ArchermanThe Pi-Rates56.181

Team Round – Unscaled

1Jonas Clarke Middle School137
2Pi is Tasty127
3Jonas Clarke Middle School Team B127
4a bo’o o’ water111
4The Pi-Rates111
7Brown Pi-Thon100
8Beater Pi109
9Le math-ia de Winchester102
10Jonas Clarke Middle School Team C92

Overall Team – Scaled

RankTeamScaled. Indiv. AggregateTotal Score
1Jonas Clarke Middle School300.0000460.0000
2Pi is Tasty254.6455402.9996
3Beater Pi234.5496382.8707
4The Pi-Rates211.5287338.8280
5a bo’o o’ wa’er199.7334329.3685
6Brown Pi-thon197.6465327.2815
7Team Fessy180.3908308.8579
8Jonas Clarke Middle School Team C187.6681293.9454
9Le math-ia de Winchester176.7073284.1526
10Pi Hard163.5904282.7145

What was the 2022 ABMC Competition?

Who can compete?

Any student in grade 8 or below may compete as an individual or, if competing onsite, on a team. This includes elementary school students.

When was the competition?

The 2023 ABMC Competition will be held on April 8, 2023. The competition schedule can be found in more detail below.

Where will the competition take place?

The onsite competition will be at the R.J. Grey Junior High School. The address is 16 Charter Rd, Acton, MA 01720.

Tentative Competition Schedule

Speed Round8:45-9:15
Accuracy Round9:35-10:15
Team Round10:35-11:35
Lunch and Puzzle Rounds11:35-1:15
Students competing online will only take the speed and accuracy rounds.

Onsite vs. Online Competition

Timing: The onsite and online competition will be held simultaneously.

Rounds: All rounds will be held onsite, but only speed and accuracy will be held for students competing online.

Registration: Both onsite and online require registration. Look at the top of this page for more information.

Cost: The onsite competition is $15 per person, whereas the online version is free.

Prizes: Onsite students will be awarded prizes according to the Rules page, but online students will NOT receive prices.

Recognition: Both online and onsite results will be posted on our website.

Social: Onsite students can socialize during breaks!!

For the competition rules and information about prizes, visit the Rules page.

If you have any questions, please email abmathcompetition@gmail.com