2022 Online Contests

December Contest

Clarification for #14: The ant needs to be on its initial vertex in exactly 10 seconds, no more or less.

December Contest Problems

December Contest Solutions

October and November results and more information about the 2022 online contests are at the bottom of this page.

Top Scorers (8th Grade) – December

1Adam GeJonas Clarke Middle School14
1Eric LiRJ Grey Junior High14
1Sylvia LeeJonas Clarke Middle School14
4Christopher ChengJonas Clarke Middle School13
5Justin XuR.J Grey Jr. High12
5Omar GraiaRJ Grey Junior High12
7Alan WangBBN11
7Amritha PraveenAJHS11
7Emma LiRedmond Middle School11
7Jacob KhohaytingSOHS11
7Jonathan LiuWilliam Diamond Middle School11
7Nikhil ByrapuramThe Pike School11
7Lena LeeJonas Clarke Middle School11

Top Scorers (7th Grade and below) – December

1Eric Zhuang7thGreat Neck South Middle School15
2Benjamin Jiang7thPine View Middle School14
2Selena Ge7thClarke Middle School14
4Tanish Parida7thRJ Grey13
5Christopher Sakaliyski7thWhitney M. Young Magnet High School12
5Steven Feng6thBlanchard Memorial School12
7Eva Lin7thBasis Independent Silicon Valley11
7Laura Wang7thLakeside Middle School11
7Rishi Balaji7thR.J. Grey11
10Arya Nayak6thLuther Conant Elementary School10
10Ayaan Garg7thRJ Grey10
10Eric Chen7thRJ Grey10
10Grace Liang6thmontgomery lower middle school10
10Hengsheng Wang5thThe Evergreen School10

October Contest

ABMC October Online Contest Problems 2022

ABMC October Online Contest Solutions 2022

Top Scorers (8th Grade) – October

1Adam GeClarke Middle School13
1Eric LiRJ Grey Junior High13
1Jacob KhohaytingStanford Online13
1Seomgeun ShimChapin Middle School13
1Sylvia LeeClarke Middle School13
6Thomas McCurleySierra Canyon11
7Nikhil ByrapuramThe Pike School10
8Eddie ZhaoWilliam Diamond School8
8Justin XuRJ Grey Junior High8
8Neil DuttaSharon Middle School8

Top Scorers (7th Grade and below) – October

1Benjamin Jiang7thPine View School14
1Le Yi Drake Tan7thSartartia Middle School14
3Eric Zhuang7thGreat Neck South Middle School11
3Selena Ge7thClarke Middle School11
5Akshaj Arora7thRiver Trail Middle School10
5Laura Wang7thLakeside Middle School10
5Luke Tsuai6thPrinceton Academy of the Sacred Heart10
8Ayaan Garg7thRJ Grey Junior High9
9Emma Li6thRedmond Middle School8
9Kathryn McCurley7thSierra Canyon School8
9Tanish Parida7thRJ Grey Junior High8

November Contest

The November Contest has concluded! Thank you everyone who participated. Solutions and results are posted, and scores will be emailed.

NOTE: Problem #14 initially had an error and has been voided. The following scores are out of 14.



Top Scorers (8th Grade) – November

1Adam GeClarke Middle School14
1Sylvia LeeJonas Clarke Middle School14
3Christopher ChengJonas Clarke Middle School13
4Eric LiRJ Grey Junior High School12
5Amritha PraveenAJHS11
6Jacob KhohaytingStanford Online10
6Nikhil ByrapuramThe Pike School10
6Thomas McCurleySierra Canyon High School10
9Atticus MasuzawaSierra Canyon High School9
9Eddie ZhaoWilliam Diamond Middle School9
9Owen LuoSierra Canyon9

Top Scorers (7th Grade and below) – November

1Benjamin Jiang7thPine View School14
1Eric Zhuang7thGreat Neck South Middle School14
1Selena Ge7thClarke Middle School14
4Akshaj Arora7thRiver Trail Middle School11
4Ayaan Garg7thRJ Grey11
4Christopher Sakaliyski7thWhitney M. Young Magnet High School11
8Kathryn McCurley7thSierra Canyon School10
8Laura Wang7thLakeside School10
10Eddy Zhang7thSpringhouse Middle School9
10Edmin To5thChenery Middle School9
10Grace liang6thmontgomery lower middle school9
10Rishi Balaji7thR.J. Grey9
10Ryan Xia7thR.J. Grey9

What are the ABMC Online Contests?

The ABMC Online Contests consists of 3 rounds of tests (1 round per month), each containing 15 questions. The contests take place during the months of October, November, and December of each year.

Students will have a total of 35 hours before the submission deadline to work on their own schedule.

All ABMC Online Contests will be done individually.

When a contest begins, problems and the submission form will be posted on this page. The answer submission form will ask for name, grade, school, and email, so no preregistration is needed.

Participation is free.

Eligibility note: ABMC is for students in or below 8th grade only. High schoolers can take it unofficially for fun, however!

When do these contests take place?

October: October 15th-16th

November: November 19th-20th

December: December 17th-18th

Each set will be released at 11:00 AM Eastern Time the first day, and submissions close at 10:00 PM Eastern Time on the second. No late submissions will be permissible.

You may take as long as you require, so long as you submit before the deadline.


No calculators, online resources, and other computational resources are admissible.

Drawing aids, such as rulers and protractors are permissible. However, software such as GeoGebra is prohibited.

All answers are non-negative integers between 0 and 100,000.

Grading and tie-breaking

Each problem is worth 1 point.

Ties will be broken by the ‘most difficult’ problem solved. If problem A was solved by contestants, and problem B was solved by bcontestants, with a < b, then A is more difficult than B.

For prizes and total scores, only a contestant’s two highest scores will be considered.

Will prizes be awarded?

In each grade, contestants who perform within the Top 10 within each round will have their names posted on our website. Additionally, contestants who perform within the Top 15 over all 3 contests will have their scores posted.

Top scorers of each grade will also be displayed.

Physical prizes (such as AoPS gift certificates, merchandise, calculators, etc.) will be given to top scorers if they attend the ABMC onsite contest.